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Other Services

At Resume Success, we offer a variety of professional, high quality services to complement your professional resume as prepared by us. 

Interview Coaching / Mock Interviews

Great, your professional resume and letter has gotten you to interview.  Fantastic, you have achieved exactly what you wanted.  However, you now need to “impress the interviewer” at the interview.  How can you ensure you stand out from your competitors at the interview?   

Simple really.  Attend a “mock interview”, prior to the “real thing”. At Resume Success we carry out “mock interviews” for clients to prepare them for their real interview.   

How does it work?

You contact us as soon as you have been notified of your interview and book a time prior to your real interview to undergo a “mock interview” with Resume Success.  We will carry out a one-on-one interview with you as if you are actually attending your interview for the role.  We will ask you a series of questions, note your answers, and provide you with constructive feedback about the way in which you interviewed. 

We will also provide you with feedback regarding how you presented, including your grooming, arrival time, body language, and your ability to answer the questions asked of you. 

We will offer you further advice and ideas to assist you for your upcoming interview, to ensure you are a “standout” candidate. 

A mock interview is a “must-have” to ensure you are fully prepared for the real thing.  Don’t let your chance to impress go out the window through one “silly mistake” at interview.  Attend a “mock interview” with Resume Success and be a “Winner”. 

Contact us today for further information regarding “mock interviews.” 


Career Portfolios 

Okay, you’ve gained an interview, you’ve made an appointment for your “mock interview”, what next?  At Resume Success we also offer Personal Customised Career Portfolios that you can take along to your interview and impress the employer.  Imagine, you are the only candidate interviewed who turns up with your Career Portfolio. Wow, now that is really going to impress the interviewer.  Don’t leave anything to chance.  Speak to us today about your own Personally Customised Career Portfolio and have the “leading edge” over the competition.  

Thank you/Follow-up Letters 

Okay, you have attended your interview and now you just have to sit back and wait.  Wrong! 

Did you know that you can continue to impress your prospective new employer even after your interview has finished and you’ve left the premises? 

Following your interview, sending a thank you or follow-up letter to the interviewer will impress the interviewer, and make you “stand out" from the other candidates.  Your thank you letter will also put your name directly back in front of the interviewer, as a reminder of who you are.  Sending a thank you or follow-up letter also highlights your interest in the position, and portrays that you are a very proactive person, which is exactly what employers are seeking in their employees.  “Bang” you immediately stand out from the rest of the candidates interviewed.  You are now at the forefront in the eyes of the employer due to the fact that you took the time to send a follow-up letter. 

Just think, the interviewer is having problems deciding between you and other candidates for the role.  They then receive a letter from you thanking them for their time and assuring them of your continued interest in the job they have available.  Immediately, by sending your letter, you outshine the other candidates and hence, are now in top position for being offered the role. 

At Resume Success, our professional resume writers can also provide you with a dynamic thank you/follow-up letter to send to the interviewer.  Contact us today, and “stand out from the crowd”.  Get your dream job.

Resignation Letters

Congratulations, well done, fantastic, you landed yourself the job.  Now comes the time for your resignation letter.  Remember, you don’t want to burn bridges, you never know when you may need to call on your previous employer again, or “who knows who” around the traps.  Writing a resignation letter shows a high standard of professionalism on your part.  The letter also ensures everyone is clear with regards to finishing up dates, what is expected from both parties, etc.  Remember also, you may need to approach your previous employer for a reference at some stage or other, so leaving on good terms, will assist in receiving a favourable reference in the future. 

At Resume Success our professional writers can write a professional resignation letter on your behalf.  Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. 

        Getting your resume “OUT THERE” -
                                              Cracking the Hidden Job Market

Did you know that many jobs are never advertised? Unless you know where to look, you would never know these jobs are even available.  At Resume Success we can assist you to “crack the hidden job market”, and seek out roles you never knew existed. 

Once we’ve written your professional resume and cover letter, we can show you how to get your name out and about within the employment sector.  Speak to us today to find out more.  

Secrets to Developing Your Career 

“Secrets to Developing Your Career” is a 22 page booklet written by Professional Resume Writer/Consultant, Tracey Kampes of Resume Success.  This booklet can assist you in developing your career, whether it be seeking a promotion with the company you are already employed at, changing career, changing job, returning to the workforce, or just starting out in employment.  Please visit our Career Resources page for more information, or to purchase, “Secrets to Developing Your Career”.

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